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Our programs are drug-free, cost-effective and have a proven track record of results.
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Improving worker's lives through reduced pain and improved job productivity is popular topic. Read on how we're improving worker's lives across America.
StarTribune Article about WorkSiteRight
Elkhart Truth article about WorkSiteRight
Montevideo American-News article about WorkSiteRight
Montevideo American-News article about WorkSiteRight
StarTribune Article about WorkSiteRight
Elkhart Truth article about WorkSiteRight
Montevideo American-News article about WorkSiteRight
Montevideo American-News article about WorkSiteRight
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Direct Savings

Companies see direct savings from reduced injuries and workers' compensation costs.
On-site Chiropractic Care
Our standardized on-site programs use best practices to improve employee health to reduce injuries. Supported by WorkSiteRight data.
Injury Prevention
Early access to care leads to decreased cost per injury.
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Indirect Savings

We learn the dynamics of your business and stand-up a turnkey on premise .... Solution... The standard chunk of Lorem Ipsum used since the 1500s is reproduced below for those interested.
Education & Motivation
Recommendations are specific to the one-on-one doctor/employee relationship and guide the individual to change habits.
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Indirect Savings

Our indirect savings include: reduced turnover, improved employee health, and increased productivity.
Our services

Strategic Services

Our experienced practitioners help to identify current strengths and weaknesses at your facility and design a strategic plan to tackle the unique challenges facing your workforce.
Ergonomic Intervention
An ergonomic evaluation identifies how to increase employee safety and efficiency while experiencing less pain.
Employer Healthcare Consulting
Data driven recommendations to enhance the health of your employees and reduce healthcare costs.

Our services and expertise

WorkSiteRight goes beyond acute care services, and promotes prevention and early intervention through chiropractic care, acupuncture and massage therapy to help your employees enjoy improved health, well-being and morale.
Onsite Healthcare Programs
Educational and Motivational Seminars
Ergonomic Intervention and Training
Management Consultation
Micro-breaks and Stretching Training
Stress Management Training
Wellness Promotion, Engagement and Training
Pre-Placement Physical Screenings
Lifting/Manual Material Handling Training

Results delivered

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$520,000 net cost savings on sprain/strain workplace injuries

“NWHSU provides the experience and expertise to tailor, deliver and track services that drive employee engagement and exceed ROI goals”
Steve Jorgensen
Director of Human Resources
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Zero negative affect on production

"Our people are out sick less often by taking care of their bodies. They're happier, more productive and in charge of their health than before."
Brandon Clausen
Production Supervisor

Our process: customized for you, optimized for ROI

Assessing Needs

We explore everything from facility setup to employee health status to develop a unique onsite program that is customized for you.

Strategic Planning

We develop an effective strategy to meet your health and wellness goals while working seamlessly within normal daily operations of your facility.

Implementing Services

We handle all the logistics and select the most qualified practitioners to deliver non-drug health and wellness services to your employees.

Measuring Success

We provide timely reports to evaluate your program and work with you to optimize services and maximize your return on investment (ROI).

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Northwestern Health Sciences University advances innovative models of integrative healthcare, providing education, research and public healthcare services to create a healthier world.

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