Innovative approach to employee well-being

WorkSiteRight provides health and wellness solutions for employees.

Created by researchers and educators at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minnesota, WorkSiteRight has partnered with companies and their employees to start and operate onsite health clinics and programs that prevent and treat injuries caused by strain and overuse. Our experienced team uses best practices to prevent and treat injuries, reduce long-term health risk and motivate employees to better health.

Nervous system and musculoskeletal conditions are significant cost drivers in healthcare. WorkSiteRight uses a hands on approach to focus on prevention of conditions leading to better employee health and decreased employer costs.

What makes WorkSiteRight successful?

At all of our WorkSiteRight locations, we provide expert chiropractic care. Our providers all have positive relationships with other local health professionals and refer employees to them when the need arises.

Our providers deliver health and wellness education alongside treatment. They know the employees, their health concerns and their needs. They focus on conservative, drug-free care so your employees can stay on the job and return to work quickly.

Across our WorkSiteRight programs, employers report 60 to 70 percent employee paricipation with no negative effects on production. Employers also reported significantly higher employee morale and a higher ability to attract and retain talent.

When employers, employees and health professionals work together and focus on prevention, they have positive health outcomes and decreased expenses.

Findings reveal employers maintain a significant ROI year over year.


Reduction in average case cost


Reduction in direct workers' compensation cost


Reduction of sprain and strain injury rates

Our Beginnings

Dr. Joseph Sweere

Dr. Joseph Sweere and the Sweere Center

WorkSiteRight is one of the divisions of the H.C. Sweere Center for Clinical Biomechanics and Applied Ergonomics, located on the campus of Northwestern Health Sciences University, Bloomington, MN. The Center was funded by and gifted to Northwestern in 2012 from the estate of Harry and Janice Sweere. Mr. Sweere was the founder, chief scientist and CEO of Ergotron, Inc., an internationally renowned manufacturer of ergonomic equipment primarily serving the electronics industry, currently serving every Fortune 2000 company in the world.

Recognizing the fact that there are significant economic losses and immeasurable human suffering relating to disorders of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems, Harry and Janice's gift was made to Northwestern out of respect and gratitude for chiropractic and conservative, preventive approaches to health care. WorkSiteRight was founded upon this principle, holding to the view that it is more appropriate to care for workers at the very earliest sign of physical distress, and in this way preventing them from becoming another workers' compensation statistic. Through the provision of proactive chiropractic care, ergonomic intervention and lifestyle coaching, WorkSiteRight is achieving unprecedented outcomes among the corporate clients they serve. Dr. Sweere envisions a time when every American company will engage doctors of chiropractic in their health, wellness and safety programs. WorkSiteRight is well on its way to becoming a national leader in this initiative.

We operate nationwide from our headquarters in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Northwestern Health Sciences University advances innovative models of integrative healthcare, providing education, research and public healthcare services to create a healthier world.

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