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WorkSiteRight serves many industries in highly physical jobs to sedentary office settings. We visit your workplace and create customized recommendations. Each work setting has its own risks and set of typical injuries. Our Doctors of Chiropractic are trained to recognize and prevent injuries that happen at your facility. WorkSiteRight compiles data from our companies and our providers to show results. Our providers treat conditions and make ergonomic recommendations for employees who are coping with conditions caused by activities in- and outside of work. Our goal is for employees to have a higher quality of life. At the same time, we help their companies stay productive, reduce injuries, save money, and offer a service that employees truly value.

Why choose WorkSiteRight?

At all of our WorkSiteRight locations, we provide expert chiropractic care. Our Doctors of Chiropractic all have positive relationships with other local health professionals and refer employees to them when the need arises. Our providers deliver health and wellness education alongside treatment. They know the employees, their health concerns and their needs. They focus on conservative, drug-free care so your employees can stay on the job and return to work quickly. Across our WorkSiteRight programs, employers report 60 to 70 percent employee participation with no negative effects on production. Employers also reported significantly higher employee morale and a higher ability to attract and retain talent. When employers, employees and health professionals work together and focus on prevention, they have positive health outcomes and decreased expenses.

We want our employees to go home and tell their friends and family that they work at a good place. That they have the benefit of a chiropractor and a company that is investing and trying to improve workplace life.
Steve Jorgensen
HR Manager, Friendship Homes

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