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“WorkSiteRight provides the experience and expertise to tailor, deliver and track services that drive employee engagement and exceed ROI goals.”
Steve J, HR Manager
“This onsite program has me feeling 10 years younger. I would still have the daily arm, shoulder and back pain if this program wasn’t available right at work.”
Dale A, Onsite clinic participant
“I look forward to my appointments with [the onsite chiropractor] and I feel better in general. It is a relief to know that he is there.”
Terry R, Onsite clinic participant
We want our employees to go home and tell their friends and family that they work at a good place. That they have the benefit of a chiropractor and a company that is investing and trying to improve workplace life.
Brian Cira, President of Fairmont Homes
It isn't convenient for me to go to the doctor. So before I just dealt with the pain. But since [the onsite chiropractor] has begun doing office hours here I have noticed that I tend to take better care of myself, because it is more convenient to see him. The plan is always to go home the same way you came in, not going home feeling broken down.
Jared S, Onsite clinic participant
"A happier person, a healthier person: It is good for them, but it is also good for us"
Brian Cira, President of Fairmont Homes

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