Injury Prevention

What are you doing to change health behavior?

Early access to care leads to decreased cost per injury.

Reduce Healthcare

Providing healthcare to employees is expensive. An onsite clinic can bring those costs down by limiting hospital stays and visits to specialists and emergency rooms.

Reduce Workplace Injuries and Illnesses

The convenience of onsite care increases employee engagement. That means issues are caught and treated early, before they become serious.

Attract And Retain
Top Talent

Providing onsite health and wellness services sends a message to both employees and recruits that you care about their well-being.


Onsite care is a key component to a culture of well-being and can support other wellness programs. It influences employee attitudes and improves engagement.

ReduceAbsenteeism/ Presenteeism

The convenience of onsite care often results in early detection, which keeps people working. The average onsite visit is 10 to 15 minutes, much less than the time required for offsite appointments.

Reduce employee workplace injury rates

We custom design a program to prevent injuries after completing a thorough assessment of your organization. Our programs have a proven record of reducing OSHA recordable injuries. On-site providers observe individual employees in their specific work environment. We use trained providers who are competent in completing post-offer employment testing (POET) to determine any pre-existing issues and ensure your employees are well suited for the demands of their job. 

Our primary goal is to improve the health of the employee

WorkSiteRight’s on-site doctors of chiropractic treat employees injured at, or away from, work. These providers treat many conditions and prevent long-term effects of injuries. High employee participation validates the effectiveness of our programs.

Preventing workplace injury

Our customized programs are aligned with company health and safety standards. WorkSiteRight collaborates with your team to conduct trainings such as, lifting, fall reduction, wound care, and proper personal protective equipment wear.

Onsite facility 2015 versus 2016 policy years

“I leave work at the end of the day feeling as good as when I started at the beginning of the day” 
- Dale A, Friendship Homes Employee

Addressing underlying symptoms before an injury occurs

Addressing underlying symptoms before an injury occurs

Employer Benefits

  • Reduce workplace injuries and associated costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce risk of long-term disability
  • ‍Keep employees safe

Employee Advantages

  • Remain active and able to work pain free
  • Continue to participate in hobbies outside of work
  • ‍Stay safe
  • Feel as good at the end of the day as you do at the beginning of the day

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