On-site Chiropractic Care

A turn-key solution proven to reduce workplace injuries

Easy and affordable access to personalized care. Driving employee health, even if you are a small or medium sized company.

On-site Chiropractic Care

Recruit, Retain, Reenergize

"Delaying medical care can negatively impact health and increase the cost of care. People who can't get the care they need may have more preventable complications, hospitalizations, emotional stress, and higher costs." - health.gov

What is a WorkSiteRight chiropractic care program?

Musculoskeletal conditions and poor health habits drive employer healthcare costs. On-site chiropractic care is a safe, affordable solution that focuses on prevention and early treatment. This program does not add to your workload. WorkSiteRight manages logistics, collects data, and reports outcomes associated with your customized healthcare program.

Our proven programs increase productivity and profitability on a price-predictive model. WorkSiteRight’s scaled services improve the health, well-being and safety of your employees. Our doctors of chiropractic are on-site for a few hours each week to full time, based on your company size and goals.

WorkSiteRight also offers therapeutic massage as a drug-free treatment that prevents and reduces injuries.

Improve access and affordability to healthcare. Triage cases with a WorkSiteTalk© where the employee talks with a licensed provider during times when the assigned provider is not on location. This helps the employee get recommendations prior to leaving work and entering a medical facility.

Retain and attract top talent

Employers offering on-site care programs improve your Employee Value Proposition, hence attracting and retaining top talent. Increased morale and employee engagement motivates employees to perform at their best.

"Organizations with high employee engagement outperform those with low employee engagement by 202%."


A drug-free solution

By focusing on prevention and early treatment, we’re frequently able to address health issues before costly prescription drugs are needed.

“Research has shown that prescribing opioids excessively and too early after an injury can lead to additional risks for both the worker and employer, such as increasing the risk of dependence, and prolonging the time it takes for the worker to return to work.”

Insurance Group (2015)

Addressing underlying symptoms before an injury occurs, examples:

  • A mild shoulder strain is easier to treat than a rotator cuff tear
  • A mild low back sprain is less expensive than a lumbar disc surgery
  • Workstation modifications are less disruptive than carpal tunnel surgery
  • On-site access to a healthcare professional reduces emergency room visits
  • Employees in pain are more distracted and less productive
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Need a Game Plan?

We review your company’s health and wellness performance. This allows us to report on current strengths and weaknesses. From this data, we design a strategic plan to tackle challenges that face your unique workforce.

A healthier, happier and more productive workplace is possible.

Our on-site chiropractic programs are a cost-effective way to help your employees with a proven track record of results. We help to prevent musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace.

Watch and see how we helped Solar Plastics


  • Easy, convenient access to care
  • Affordable healthcare
  • Increased morale
  • Drug-free solution
  • Feel good on the job and away from work


  • Affordable programs scaled to your company needs
  • Controlled healthcare costs
  • Increase productivity 
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Engaged employees
  • Happier, healthier workforce

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